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About us: 

AWOL or A Way of Life Productions started in 1997 By Chad Craig as a small underground dance music event production company. AWOL Productions quickly became the driving force behind this developing subculture and helped build the foundation for the early stages of the Las Vegas Electronic Dance scene. Mostly Recognized for creating the first underground warehouse venue "The Candy Factory" Chad Craig has led an influential career and has always been deeply routed in Nightlife culture,  Involved in many of Las Vegas' pioneering venues such as Utopia, Glo, C2k, and hundreds of Clubs / Raves,  AWOL productions has become more of a production resource for the growing community.

After fifteen years of production experience AWOL productions has done it all, small sound & light systems for the 50 person bar night to building stages for the 100 million dollar mega clubs.  We are proud to be the trusted "to go to company" for nightlife events of every caliber. 

Currently A Way of Life Productions is continuing to grow and transition into a unique company specializing in Custom staging, props, sound & lighting rentals, any and all other aspects of event production and event management. 

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